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Mac Coleman – The Blind Rodeo Cowboy

When Mac Coleman saddles up on a bronc before a rodeo event, he feels his way through the steps – adjusting the bindings, applying rosin and making sure the saddle is set perfectly on the horse. At the Lester Meier rodeos, the announcer encourages the crowd to cheer loudly so Coleman can sense the perimeters of the arena. Mac is not your typical bronc rider. Ten years ago, he lost his sight and didn’t start riding again until last year.

Growing up riding and roping in Kerryville, TX, rodeo was in his blood. Coleman’s whole participated in rodeo events – his mom and sisters roped and his brother-in law rode bulls. Coleman excelled in high school – earning the title of Region VI 2003 High School Saddle Bronc Champion. He received a full ride scholarship to Southwest Texas Junior High in Uvalde, TX, and his future as a bronc rider seemed prosperous.

Until, at age 19, Coleman was shot in the face three times with a 20-gauge shotgun. His left eye had to be removed, and most of the vision was gone from his right eye. Coleman lost his scholarship, and although he continued to rope he missed the rush of the roughstock events he grew up on. Eventually, Coleman lost all of his sight due to scar tissue. He became disillusioned and spent a lot of time contemplating life on his front porch, until one day he decided to get back in the saddle.

Coleman recently placed second in bareback at the Wimberley rodeo and first in bareback at Utopia. Mac credits his comeback to his own personal decision that he could do anything he put his mind to as well as the much-needed help and support of friends, family and fellow riders. Mac is a true inspiration not only to bronc riders or to those with disabilities, but to all of us out there. Through hard work and determination, he has shown that you can face adversity and any challenge thrown your way. With a positive mindset and a commitment to success, we can all get back in the saddle and ride again.

We here at Storage Town USA are proud to support Mac Coleman and encourage him to follow his dreams as a bronc rider and in all of life’s endeavors!